Creating a sustainable water future for the India

Water matters

India is one of the strongest emerging global economies; with sprawling cities and a productive workforce. However, despite the country’s economic success water is one of the nation’s biggest problems? Every day millions of people plan their entire day around where and how they will get water for their families. Even after securing water for their basic needs, like drinking and bathing, there’s still the important issue regarding the quality of the water. Inequities in water availability are a reflection of unequal development within the country. Even if we achieve the Millennium Development Goal of halving the population without access to drinking water and sanitation by 2015, 244 million people in rural India and 90 million in urban India will still not have access to safe, sustainable water supply.

Moreover, the increasing pollution of our rivers, the overexploitation of groundwater and the increasing demand for access to clean water are all contributing to water scarcity. The question that remains is how to work to avert the crisis while addressing the developmental challenge of providing greater access to clean water?T he NSSWS will focus on the tremendous effort needed to improve the country’s water management efforts in a sustainable way.


1 & 2 Dec 2016, New Delhi, India

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