Dr Bhakti Devi

Dr Bhakti Devi
Sydney Water

Dr Bhakti Devi is based in Sydney, Australia and is a passionate champion of community and customer-led sustainable water services. She is currently working in the role of Strategist for Sydney Water leading their Water-Smart Communities program that is experimenting with providing integrated and decentralised water services to new urban developments. She has been responsible for leading the development of Decentralised Water Master Plan for City of Sydney.

Bhakti holds a Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Masters in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Urban Water Management Policy. Bhakti has 20 years of experience helping local councils and water utilities achieve transformative changes through innovative servicing strategies and building capacity of asset managers and engineers in taking a service and strategic approach.

Outside Australia, Bhakti has been working closely with a rural community and an NGO in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India to build their capacity for developing community led total sanitation solutions.


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