Dr. Chandrashekar Hariharan

Dr. Chandrashekar Hariharan
Zed Group and The FactorFour Foundation

Dr Chandrashekar Hariharan is an economist who turned to sustainable business in the mid-1980s. He has presided over projects on water, energy and green buildings for over 25 years. He is chairperson of Biodiversity Conservation India, known as Group ZED [www.zed.in], for its ‘zero energy development homes’ – with nearly 5000 homes under way, all of them with near-zero dependence on city civic infrastructure for energy, water and waste.

He has consulted for governments of Uttaranchal, Kerala and Nagaland for eco-conscious infrastructure and for water supply development for the Manila-based Asian Development Bank and the Paris-based ADEME. He is now advising Karnataka Urban Water Supply Board on a 3 year plan for 27 towns, apart from being on the Board of Governors of ATREE, one of world’s top 20 Eco Think Tanks, He was the only Indian recipient of the prestigious ADB Water Champion award in 2006 among 9 Asians from 63 nations. The Week magazine chose him to be among ’30 Indian Pearls’ to commemorate their 30th anniversary. He is an executive committee member of the IGBC and Co-Chairman, Karnataka.

He spearheads Factor4 Foundation [www.factor4.in] which works with 20,000 children from 15 schools with eco-modules that sensitize children on resource-use, and with 1500 small and marginal farmers on bringing reduction in cultivation water and raising crop productivity in commercial farming. He is also leading a program to revive a river, Dakshina Pinakini [www.dakshinapinakini.org], and her watershed on the eastern flanks of Bangalore. Under the Responsible Cities Foundation [www. responcities.org], he is currently Technical Advisor for two Smart Cities in Karnataka.


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