Capacity Building in Water and Sanitation Sector

A skill is mostly identified as an acquired capacity which will ensure an envisioned outcome through systematic procedures. In India where the need for vocational training is becoming stronger every year, especially in the technical sectors, skill development is an important basis for education.

Often new sanitation technologies are installed and implemented across the countries without understanding that the need for the systems to run smoothly is dependent on local not trained human resources. Therefore, it is important to understand the needfor institutional, regulatory and social frameworks that convince organizations to provide skill development courses. Simultaneously, it is also important to promote the vocational training as a valuable form of skills building.

This session will identify the gaps between the need for skilled resources, their availability and finally the solutions needed to overcome the issue from an urban and rural perspective.


1 & 2 Dec 2016, New Delhi, India

APAC Cyber Security Summit


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